Peiec Healing In-Person Course


Terms and Conditions


Essential Pre-Course Material

Before your in-person training days, you will gain access to our online learning platform and complete Module 1-3. This includes crucial techniques and modules that are prerequisites for maximizing your learning during the in-person portion of the course. You must meticulously review and familiarize yourself with these online techniques. Please allocate a minimum of four weeks before the in-person course to go through these digital modules.

Our online course material will also detail any requisite knowledge or skills you should possess prior to the in-person training days. By reviewing this information, you can pinpoint areas that may require extra focus or preparation, ensuring that you are fully equipped to absorb the material and actively participate in the educational experience.

Portal Access Duration
You’ll have 12 months of unrestricted access to the online portal, starting from your first login date.

Fee Structure

For courses hosted in Perth, Australia, the tuition fee is $6,200.00 AUD.

For courses held outside of Perth, Australia, the tuition fee amounts to $6,800.00 AUD.

Please note that the deposit is included in these total fee amounts.

The entire fee must be paid in full at least 14 days before the course’s commencement date.

Be advised that both deposits and full fees are non-refundable.

Deposit Information

To secure your spot in the course, a deposit is mandatory.

Please note that deposits are generally non-refundable. Should you decide not to proceed with the course after making a deposit, a refund will not be possible. It’s crucial to be fully committed to the course before placing a deposit to avoid forfeiting it.

However, if extraordinary circumstances such as sudden illness or emergencies arise, making it impossible for you to attend the course, we may offer you an opportunity to enroll in a future session, depending on availability. Refund decisions in these special instances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you find that you’re unable to continue attending, immediate communication is crucial.

In the rare case that a refund is granted, be advised that it will come with deductions for conversion rates, transfer fees, and administrative processing costs, which usually amount to about 20%.

Fee Guidelines

All fees are non-refundable.

While we encourage full payment upfront, we can arrange installment payments upon special request.

Peiec International recognizes that unexpected events can occur during a course, preventing continued attendance. In cases like illness, emergencies, or other exceptional circumstances, we may allow you to switch to another session of the course, depending on availability. Any decisions regarding refunds in these specific instances will be determined on an individual basis. Prompt communication is essential if you find you can no longer attend.

Please be aware that if you choose not to attend or complete the course due to a change in plans or other commitments, neither a course switch nor a refund can be offered.

Should any refund be granted, please note that it will be subject to deductions for conversation rates, transfer fees, and administrative processing. These deductions generally amount to approximately 20%.

Equipment Necessities
Essential items include a massage table or an equivalent setup. Note: Ensure that the setup allows your practice clients to lie face down (in a prone position) for the techniques.

Pre-Course Session Requirement
Before starting the online course, you’re required to participate in at least one Peiec Healing session. This compulsory session can be attended either virtually or face-to-face. The purpose is to introduce you to the foundational principles of Peiec Healing, a cornerstone of the curriculum. It offers a firsthand experience and prepares you for what to expect during the course.

Note that the Peiec Healing session fee is separate from the course fees and ranges between $70.00 – $200.00 AUD. Be sure to budget for this additional expense.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

At Peiec International, we’re committed to maintaining an educational setting that is both safe and respectful for everyone involved.

By enrolling, you recognize that Peiec International offers a diverse array of educational content that falls outside conventional norms. As a participant, you commit to engaging respectfully in the exploration of these subject matters with an open mind.

We strictly enforce a policy of kindness, compassion, and confidentiality. Any form of bullying or harmful gossip will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Full attendance is mandatory during all scheduled contact hours.

The use of smoking, alcohol, or illegal substances is strictly prohibited throughout the duration of the course.

We expect all students to complete assigned homework, practical training exercises, and other tasks with due diligence and commitment.

By choosing to enroll, you affirm that you are in suitable health to participate in both training and sessions conducted under the Peiec International umbrella.

Safety Guidelines

Peiec International is designed to be inclusive for individuals at all levels of experience, even those new to this type of work. However, be advised that sessions may provoke a variety of emotions and symptoms either during or post-session. Given that Peiec International is a powerful modality, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with our contraindications before providing any sessions to ensure the safety of your clients.

Although Peiec International has therapeutic benefits, it is not intended to serve as a substitute for any form of therapy—be it physical or psychological. If you or your clients experience troubling emotions or symptoms, we strongly encourage consulting with a qualified healthcare professional and notifying trusted individuals. Please refer to the contraindications listed at the bottom of this page for further information.


Upon successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion. Qualification is assessed individually, and a practitioner’s portfolio must be completed.

The certificate allows you to offer one-on-one Peiec Healing sessions. However, continuing education is essential for skill and knowledge enhancement, and further training opportunities in Peiec Healing are recommended.

In-Person One-on-One Sessions

The Peiec Healing Online program is designed specifically to equip you with the competencies needed for one-on-one, in-person sessions. Your Certificate of Completion will enable you to offer such sessions confidently.

One-on-One Virtual Sessions

The Peiec Healing Online program is an all-encompassing curriculum created to equip learners with the requisite expertise for conducting one-on-one Peiec Healing sessions. Upon receiving your Certificate of Completion, you’ll be fully authorized to facilitate these sessions online.

Insurance Coverage

After successfully finishing the course and obtaining your Certificate of Completion, you’ll be eligible for insurance through the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). Coverage is available in an extensive list of countries, offering you international flexibility for your practice.

Practitioner Directory Inclusion

We highly encourage you to join our Practitioner Directory. Eligibility criteria include having earned your Certificate of Completion and the submission of a Practitioner Portfolio.

Teaching Limitations

While the online program offers an in-depth look into the first five modules and 25 techniques of Peiec Healing, it’s crucial to understand that the course does not qualify you to teach Peiec Healing to others. The course is tailored to those interested in practicing one-on-one sessions, emphasizing the complexity and depth of Peiec Healing that warrants cautious and respectful application.

For those looking to teach, more comprehensive training, experience, and guidance are required.

Advanced Modules

The primary focus of the in-person course is to lay a solid foundation for one-on-one client sessions. However, for those who have garnered at least six months of experience, opportunities for further education in higher modules are available. This tiered approach ensures a robust foundational knowledge, which can then be built upon to better serve clients and enhance your expertise.

Copyright Guidelines

All content related to Peiec Healing, including but not limited to text, graphics, and multimedia elements, is copyrighted by Peiec International and Anandi Sano. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or transmission by any means, electronic or mechanical, is strictly prohibited without prior written consent. For permissions, reach out to info@peiecinternational.com.

Respecting these copyright guidelines acknowledges the significance of ethical use and protection of intellectual property, thereby contributing to the sustainable development and distribution of high-quality educational resources.