Discover Self-Healing

Discover Self Healing 
Unlock the full potential of peiec® Energy Healing, a pathway focused not only on healing others but also on profound self-healing. This holistic approach ensures that all techniques learned can be applied personally, making it an exceptionally versatile and effective method.
 Unlock the Profound You 
 Empower Yourself: Learn to apply all the techniques for your own healing, ensuring you can maintain personal wellness while assisting others.

Comprehensive Healing: Accelerate your own Healing Journey

Sustainable Practice: By healing yourself, you enhance your ability to help others, creating a sustainable loop of wellness and care.

Understand the importance of self-healing as a cornerstone of the peiec® methodology, empowering you to be both practitioner and beneficiary of this transformative practice. 
Priscilla Wilson
Perhaps it’s time to open the doors to a Peiec International Academy building with 2 or 3 year degrees! I’ll enroll!!!!
Your teachings are the only way to heal and they work!🤩👩🏼‍🎓🤯 🌎
 Who can benefit? 
If you, family or your clients are experiencing signs and symptoms of disease such as:

  • low energy
  • chronic illness
  • poor sleep
  • pain in any part of your body
  • brain fog
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • digestive issues
  • reproductive issues
  • auto-immune conditions

Then Peiec will support your self healing journey to heal yourself and others.
Erin Nota
So so much is given! Learning with peiec is having your mind blown everyday! We have so much to explore, heal and grow on this journey! I'm so grateful for such an incredible (and huge!) toolkit to help us to grow and heal beyond what we have ever known possible. And it just keeps going deeper and deeper! 🤯🤯🙏🙏❤️💕🤩
 Embrace Your Unique Path to Self-Healing with peiec® 
 Everyone’s healing journey is personal, and peiec® recognizes the uniqueness of each individual. By understanding your own distinct needs and pathway, peiec® empowers you to harness specific techniques suited to your circumstances:

Tailored Healing: Discover and apply techniques that resonate with your unique daily circumstances, enhancing personal healing.

Daily Practice: Integrate these methods into simple daily practices to continually support your well-being.

Innate Wisdom: Tap into your body and energetic system's inherent healing intelligence, learning to connect, harmonize and align with it effectively for profound results.

This personalized approach ensures you are not just following a generic path but are actively engaging with a healing process that is as individual as you are. 
Linda Hillenbrand
 I felt like "stuff" was holding me back from living my life. Nothing was able to address it and shift it.
Until I found peiec and started learning the techniques to shift the energy.
BOOM!! My life started shifting and changing ❤️
Thank you for your teachings, they are truly life changing 🙏
Explore Your Self-Healing
Your Self-Healing Pathway is an integral part of learning peiec® Energy Healing, designed for easy implementation , anywhere and at any time. You don't need to sit or lie down, you have the techniques wherever you go. This journey not only enhances your own well-being but also deepens your understanding of the healing process—knowledge you can share with your family and clients. As you master self-healing, you'll improve your capabilities as a healer, restorer, teacher, creator and guide, enabling you to offer more to your clients through coaching, retreats, and inspirational sessions wherever you are.
Jen Cumins
It is so incredible to have access to such profound techniques for our own healing. Who else teaches us how to do this for ourselves!!
 Is this right for Me? Can I do this? 
 You don't need to identify as a "healer" to find value in peiec healing. Anything can be learned and that is what we teach.

What truly matters is:
  1. Believing in yourself! We can help with your learning and becoming confident
  2. Committing to learning gentle, simple and  straightforward techniques
  3. Dedicating a little time each day to practice either on yourself or with others on the same path.

With these steps, you can significantly advance your journey toward complete health and happiness. 
Miriam Alamdar
What peiec teaches has the power and potential to change so many people’s lives. I wish more people knew about this.
By applying the tools and techniques of peiec into my daily practice this is a new approach to how to live life! It is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. It feels like it’s getting even more expansive and more profound as I heal and work on others.
 How to access this Program 
 The Self-Healing Pathway is a core part of our Virtual Academy, seamlessly integrated into every module of our program.

Self-healing isn't just an add-on; it's fundamental to our approach, ensuring that learning and personal growth are intertwined throughout your experience. 
Heidi Robinson
So much has been given, wow! So grateful for the opportunity to learn these incredible tools for healing. The more I continue on my journey with you, the deeper my healing goes… thank you !
What people are saying
 “I seem to have had quite a significant physical healing… most of you are aware that I have had significant issues with pain for most of my life- started when I was about 8yrs after I started horse riding… I was referred to a Paediatrician who diagnosed me with spondylolisthesis. Over the years various other issues came to light- disc degeneration, scoliosis, Scheuermanns disease… I’ve had bulging discs before (have one now which is why I’m sore) and I’ve also had a bilateral pars defect at the site of the spondylolisthesis for many years. About 6/7 months ago, my back started another flare up of pain and tightness which has made it hard to exercise and do everyday things.
A couple of months ago I had XRs and there was no sign of the spondylolisthesis or pars defect – which always gets reported on. I’ve had a stable grade 1 forward slippage that never required surgery but isn’t really known to correct itself, as far as I’m aware. I’ve had this for over 20yrs. Last week I had an MRI on my back because I felt i had another disc bulge. I do, as well all the other things aforementioned, except the spondylolisthesis. There is still no mention of the forward slippage (it was mentioned on my last MRI 6yrs ago). I don’t exercise, I don’t do anything for my back pain, other than peiec and the Anandi videos… and now relatively simple analgesia for the current bulge… but, point being, I really feel that my healing journey with peiec has created enough of a physical vessel healing that a significant issue that i was quite likely born with has healed and corrected itself without surgical intervention. For me, that is huge! I started my journey 11 months ago and I have always hoped that this particular may one day go away, and it just so happens to have done . That’s a massive win for me in the world of chronic back pain “
 “I love that when I am doubting myself or the gift of peiec I get these little (or big) reminders how absolutely amazing it actually is.
Just before I completed Module 1 for the first time in November last year I had a full blood work done, and my health was very poor. I had low vitamin D, very low iron, low vitamin B, my blood sugars were high and my cholesterol was 7.6 (which is extremely high for a 32 year old)
Well, this week I had the bloodwork re-done and I am absolutely amazed!!
Although I haven’t made any significant dietary changes or been on any supplements my blood sugars are within normal rages, as are my iron, vitamins D and B levels AND my cholesterol is now 5.4. Which is only just above the normal range .
The GP was in shock  and had to double check the results, then asked if I went on the cholesterol medication (which I did not) because cholesterol dropping by 2.2 without the help of medication is “basically unheard of” .I have lost 7kgs recently, but apparently this weight loss is not enough to impact my cholesterol levels by that amount, especially in less than 12 months.
The cholesterol result is super important to me as my Dad had triple bypass surgery 18 months ago and I was told I would likely need to be on cholesterol medication for the rest of my life.”
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 Peiec has become my greatest parenting tool.

Each step I’ve taken forward for myself has created powerful change in my children. The past 12 months both of my kids have become more empowered and confident, and more able to stand up for themselves in the face of great adversity.

They have both experienced huge changes in school work and their ability. Dyslexia plagued my learning through schooling and Ethan particularly experienced these difficulties. I have experienced huge improvement with dyslexia, sensory overwhelm, and audio processing issues. This has also flows to both kids who have also had massive improvements in the same areas.

Healing flows from parents to kids in the most profound and powerful ways.
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 Before peiec, my back and neck would always ‘pop out’ from the muscles being so tight. I had chronic inflammation in my muscles and joints and chronic lower back pain, amongst shoulder bursitis, shin compartment syndrome (like shin splints), Jaw cracking (still cracks a bit now, but it is SO much better than it was!), and knee problems.
The inflammation in my body has decreased by around 70%! I don’t crack my neck at all anymore, and my body is healing! This is so major for me as it was something that had really taken a toll on my mental and emotion wellbeing too! I also had chronic fatigue and really struggled to leave the house.

So much more has healed and continues to heal emotionally alongside this. Including negative self talk, issues with body image, an underlying calm, peace and acceptance towards whatever comes in life, even when it is crazy… and a feeling of more flow with what arises. I am able to be more present and engage with others on a deeper level, and allow more connection to flow in those moments, rather than feeling the need to ‘protect’.

I have so much more energy than I used to, and feel more happiness in life and it feels easier to laugh and to cry when emotions bubble up. I have become so much more aware of when I am suppressing emotions and am so grateful to be able to notice these as life moments and release them in the moment.

Fears around money and lack are significantly less, I am enjoying simple things more, like gardening and cooking, and I have enjoyed doing gentle exercise, where before it would be all or nothing!

I am being so much more kind to myself and honouring my body so much more… Oh, and something really funny and cool is that last year, I was DREADING doing my tax. It took so much procrastinating, brain fog, cursing and irritation to get through it… This year, I just started it, left it when I had something else to do, came back, and finished it in half a day! That blew my mind. There was just none of the other stuff that I had experienced the previous year. Big win, I’d say!
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“I had been dragging my feet starting my self healing journey with peiec as I was doubting myself a little and thinking I wouldn’t be able to receive what I needed to.
I’d seen the changes in others in testimonials but never thought that I would be able to have the same experience. After watching these testimonials quietly for a long period of time, along with gentle support from the team I signed up and am SO glad I did!
For the last 15+ years, I have struggled with depression, anxiety and most recently suicidal thoughts. I have sought many different treatments and therapies trying to help me shift those thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Over the last few years, this all sky rocketed to a state where I would stop attending events, distanced myself from others, and I could see the repercussions my mental health issues were having on my children, not to mention my relationship with my partner, friends and family.
I was lost, I felt like my life was spiraling out of control and I had no control over the steering wheel.
I signed up to the  training and suddenly everything happening in my life just all started to make sense. I then completed the full training. I was fearful at first, scared of past experiences with energy work and what I now realise were “life moments” coming up.
The shift happened so subtlety at first throughout the online course until one morning it all felt like it just ‘fitted’ and the real changes started to be felt. A calmness like no other I had felt before, an easy breathing and a knowing that I was on the right path to providing healing for myself and my loved ones.
The fear I felt has completely dissolved and I feel in control of my anxiety and rising emotions. I even attended an event over the weekend which usually would’ve seen my anxiety rise, yet I remained calm. This is truly a turning point in my life.
What a wonderful feeling!”
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Learning to sit in core and the gentle techniques to calm self are incredible gifts.
Since completing Module 1, I have found an increased connection to self and others and a deeper knowing.
Old habitual thought patterns and emotional reactions are falling away. My anxiety has lessened- as has a deep sadness that had plagued me, despite years of counselling and other therapies.
I highly recommend Module one as a gentle and safe space for profound healing.
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Personally peiec has helped me to overcome my anxiety and panic attacks.
I don’t have anxiety or panic attacks anymore!! For over two years now!!
I am sooo thankful for that as everyone knows who experiences panic attacks how that dictates your life!!
I am enjoying life and have my peace back.
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I went out one morning as I usually do to feed my dogs and say good morning to them when I noticed Phil the oldest dog was not looking good. He was very lethargic and he had lost a lot of weight overnight. I was a little frightened as to what had happened. I checked him over in case he had been bitten by a snake and found a paralysis tick on him.
The tick was quite large, so I pulled the tick out and made sure I got the head.
I rang the vets and she told me to take him in.
As we were driving in I energetically released life moments off his layers as this was the first opportunity I’d had. Before I had finished he started to get excited as he realised we were going for a drive, he loves going for a drive. He jumped up and hung his head out the window, I had to grab hold tight.
He was no longer lethargic and wobbly. We arrived at the vet and she told me we were lucky we got him there when we did. She also said he may have to stay a few days to make sure all the poison had gone from his system. Broke my heart having to leave him there.
So I did his layers again that night before I went to bed.
The next day she called me quite surprised as it was like nothing had happened to him. He was eating and drinking, just being a normal dog.
She advised me that she was going to keep him another day just to make sure. I was so happy to hear he was OK and we picked him up the next morning with excitement, he was so excited to see us.
I’m so glad I could help him in this process. I love my puppies 
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 “I was almost crippled by fear driving on wet roads and the stronger the rain the worse it got. This came from an accident I had about 7 years ago where I aqua planed on a wet road and crashed into a huge boulder. Every time the road was wet I’d break into cold sweats, crying, pulling over and not driving more than 70kmh (far from ideal driving behaviour on a wet road) which is far cry of what I am normally like on the roads, confident.
Then last winter I noticed that I was no longer reacting that, all of a sudden I was back to my usual cautious (as you do) but confident driving on wet roads, rain or no rain.
I know that I lost control of my car, skidded this way then that and ended up in a huge broad slide hard against a massive rock but all of a sudden it’s just a memory.
It no longer triggers fear, nervousness, anxiety and panic in me. I can speak about it and I am not affected where I used to not even mention it as it used to play through my head while driving again and again like a movie bringing all the emotions and fear with. Poof…..gone….like magic! I love peiec.’
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 I wanted to share my “OMG” moment, this Monday I was first on the scene to a traffic accident, whilst at work. I work on a busy corner, with many close calls each day, but this was the first big accident I have witnessed here.
After assisting and doing all that I could do I went back into work. I could feel that the adrenaline was pumping and that I was starting to go into overwhelm, something I am very familiar with after living with anxiety and panic attacks for the past 16 years.
I immediately thought “i need to do a call out” however within 5 minutes I was completely calm and back doing my work. In fact I even forgot about the accident until about 2 hours later when I was telling a fellow staff member.
I couldn’t believe it, it felt like someone else’s story if that makes sense….
This is a far cry from my previous experiences, as I have been first on the scene of two other major incidents and after assisting, I have gone into shock/overwhelm myself and hadn’t been able to get the thoughts/pictures out of my mind, I couldn’t eat as I felt sick and had nightmares for a few weeks following.
I slept like a baby on Monday night and woke on Tuesday morning with immense gratitude for Peiec, this is a complete 360 on my experiences in the past and I am so thankful that I can really witness these changes for myself. 
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 “After posting my testimonial yesterday, I got chatting to one of my friends about peiec healing. She told me her son was in hospital with pneumonia. So with her permission I went ahead and performed a peiec distance healing on him. Not long after he fell asleep. This morning I get a beautiful message to say he was well enough to leave hospital & a cute video of the little man all happy & better!! He slept amazingly, so good his mum had to wake him up for breakfast & he actually ate for the first time in days! Such quick turn arounds happen with peiec healing, feeling so empowered & so thankful” 
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My daughter (13 year old) was having kidney pain ( E-coli) and had a Urinary Tract Infection. She had it for 6 weeks, she wasn’t eating as it made her feel sick and sleepy all the time.The doctors couldn’t work out why she was still suffering after a course of antibiotics. So I went through her layers just calming them and the next morning she was up watching the sunrise and she has been eating again, healthy food as well.
I went through her layers again a couple of days later and calmed them, now she is wanting to go out and do things to improve her life.
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My enthusiasm for writing this testimonial was to put a “shout out’ to anyone suffering depression, anxiety or any other mental health condition.
I began with peiec healing being chronically tired from a thyroid condition, I also was feeling very depressed, this was a condition that had come and gone in my life since teenage years.
I was on antidepressants and had tried many natural healing methods, which had all worked up to a point.
After my first session my “tiredness” disappeared, after needing to rest every afternoon, I was out walking miles in the bush with my horses, something I would have never attempted before as it would have just been too exhausting.
I also began to feel much calmer, something foreign to me, even though intellectually I had tried to achieve this state, it eluded me.
I had had an inbuilt expectation that the depression was something I would be living with forever, however since having three healing sessions and being in the energy during the peiec healing module 1, I realise that it is possible to completely heal from depression.
I wake up laughing instead of crying.I do of course have to ” eat my peas” as Anandi says, ie Look after myself, eat well, exercise, be in positive company.
For me this is a miracle, my life can progress forward instead of treading water and feeling like I`m drowning most of the time.
So, I urge anyone stuck in the cycle of any kind of mental illness to try it! You may well be surprised. 
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How long have you been searching? I know that I’ve been searching for 30+ years… but unsure of what it was I was searching for – just feeling like there was something missing; something more – but what?
Since completing the foundation module of Peiec Healing, I’m no longer needing or wanting to search. Over the 2 days of the course, something changed… and even more so since.
I know now that there is no need to look outside of me to find who I am. There is nothing missing! I see me…my heart is filled with love and gratitude for the Being that I am.
I love so much more of life; I love where I am in this place of greater acceptance and flow. I am so full of love, appreciation and gratitude for my family, and my partner. I’ve stepped into a much deeper appreciation and acknowledgment of my skills and my work! And I’m extremely happy that I can share so much more of me with you.
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“This morning as I was laying in bed I could hear our pet baby goat crying outside (and when goats cry they scream)
She had lost her little friend yesterday and was obviously missing her. It was so sad listening to her so I decided to get up and do her layers from the bedroom.
As I was going through the layers and got to the emotional layer she suddenly went quiet. I continued on but was really excited to finish so I could look out the window to see what she was doing.
She was quietly sitting in her box/bed. Rather relaxed looking.
This is amazing stuff 🐐
One  happier baby goat.”
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Life results vary with each individual and we cannot guarantee that you will experience results similar to the testimonials presented on any of our pages or any results at all.
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ALL Testimonials are true and correct.

However, these statements or examples should not be viewed as promises or guarantees of results. Any statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Good Association. Results are affected by a number of factors over which we have no control.