peiec module 1

An In-Depth Online & In-Person Training Experience
Peiec module 1

with Founder Anandi Sano

2nd/3rd February
Bendat Centre Auditorium

Wembley, Western Australia

 Peiec Module 1

An In-Depth Online & In-Person Training Experience

A Transformative Confluence of Depth, Understanding, and Efficacy

At the heart of peiec healing lies a profound understanding of the self, with layers waiting to be accessed, understood, and harmonized. To truly embrace and understand this modality, we’ve curated a comprehensive learning pathway combining the flexibility of online learning with the profound immersion of in-person workshops.

peiec® Module 1

Online Module: Establishing the Framework

Engage with Core Principles: With our sophisticated online platform, embark on a journey to grasp the foundational principles of peiec. From the convenience and comfort of your chosen environment, prepare yourself for the 2 day in-person workshop (pre-requisite for the 2-day workshop

In-Person Workshop: Deepening the Practice

Access the Core: Acquaint yourself with this vital internal space of equilibrium, establishing a profound alignment that serves as the bedrock for all subsequent exploration.

Explore the Layers: Navigate the intricate energies that make up your being. Understand their unique characteristics, significance, and interplay.

Amplify Your Healing Potential: Begin by refining the connection and alignment within your own layers. Then, gain the competence and confidence to facilitate harmony and healing in others.


What Clients Say 

Personally peiec has helped me to overcome my anxiety and panic attacks.
I don’t have anxiety or panic attacks anymore!! For over two years now!!
I am sooo thankful for that as everyone knows who experiences panic attacks how that dictates your life!!
I am enjoying life and have my peace back.


Peiec is so eye-opening! I felt a perception of a level of inner calm and peace that I had previously not encountered in other modalities. It is a completely different way of seeing inside of yourself and bringing calm and balance to mind, body and spirit. Big thanks to Anandi and Krys and the other mentors that really help to engage and support you in your learning.
peiec helps you to see into the unknown and offers such powerful and yet gentle tools that anyone can use to heal the parts of self that may otherwise be subconscious, or locked away. The healing that happens in this space is also profound, and well worth the time just to come along and see what it is all about!
I have come away from this course wanting to know more!


Learning to sit in core and the gentle techniques to calm self are incredible gifts.
Since completing Module 1, I have found an increased connection to self and others and a deeper knowing.
Old habitual thought patterns and emotional reactions are falling away. My anxiety has lessened- as has a deep sadness that had plagued me, despite years of counselling and other therapies.
I highly recommend Peiec as a gentle and safe space for profound healing.”


Embarking on a Professional or a Personal Transformation

Peiec healing isn’t just a set of techniques; it’s a paradigm shift in understanding the self and facilitating profound healing. Equip yourself with this distinguished knowledge and technique, and position yourself at the forefront of holistic healing practices.

Step into this transformative realm with us. Navigate, understand, and harmonize the layers of the self, unlocking benefits and potentials that reverberate far beyond the training room. Join us in pioneering this profound journey into the heart of peiec healing. Your transformation awaits.


What Clients Say 

My enthusiasm for writing this testimonial was to put a “shout out’ to anyone suffering depression, anxiety or any other mental health condition. I began with peiec healing being chronically tired from a thyroid condition, I also was feeling very depressed, this was a condition that had come and gone in my life since teenage years.
I was on antidepressants and had tried many natural healing methods, which had all worked up to a point. After my first session my “tiredness” disappeared, after needing to rest every afternoon, I was out walking miles in the bush with my horses, something I would have never attempted before as it would have just been too exhausting.
I also began to feel much calmer, something foreign to me, even though intellectually I had tried to achieve this state, it eluded me.
I had had an inbuilt expectation that the depression was something I would be living with forever, however since having three healing sessions and undertaking the peiec modules, I realise that it is possible to completely heal from depression.
I wake up laughing instead of crying.I do of course have to ” eat my peas” as Anandi says, ie Look after myself, eat well, exercise, be in positive company.
For me this is a miracle, my life can progress forward instead of treading water and feeling like I`m drowning most of the time.
So, I urge anyone stuck in the cycle of any mental illness to try it! You may well be surprised. “


My daughter (13 year old) was having kidney pain ( E-coli) and had a Urinary Tract Infection. She had it for 6 weeks, she wasn’t eating as it made her feel sick and sleepy all the time.The doctors couldn’t work out why she was still suffering after a course of antibiotics. So I went through her layers just calming them and the next morning she was up watching the sunrise and she has been eating again, healthy food as well.
I went through her layers again a couple of days later and calmed them, now she is wanting to go out and do things to improve her life.


I love that when I am doubting myself or the gift of peiec I get these little (or big) reminders of how absolutely amazing it actually is.
Just before I completed Module 1 for the first time in November last year, I had full blood work done, and my health was very poor. I had low vitamin D, deficient iron, and low vitamin B, my blood sugars were high and my cholesterol was 7.6 (which is extremely high for a 32 year old)
Well, I had the bloodwork re-done this week and am absolutely amazed!!
Although I haven’t made any significant dietary changes or been on any supplements my blood sugars are within normal ranges, as are my iron, vitamin D and B levels AND my cholesterol is now 5.4. Which is only just above the normal range .
The GP was in shock and had to double-check the results, then asked if I went on the cholesterol medication (which I did not) because cholesterol dropping by 2.2 without the help of medication is “basically unheard of”.I have lost 7kgs recently, but apparently this weight loss is not enough to impact my cholesterol levels by that amount, especially in less than 12 months.
The cholesterol result is super important to me as my Dad had triple bypass surgery 18 months ago and I was told I would likely need to be on cholesterol medication for the rest of my life.