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Krystle Lavorgna



Proven Success

A Journey of Discovery and Healing

Krystle Lavorgna’s journey exemplifies resilience, transformation, and the power of holistic healing. Overcoming significant adversity, including chronic pain, hypermobility, severe depression, and agoraphobia, Krystle’s early challenges were profound. A critical workplace accident exacerbated her struggles, limiting her mobility and further impacting her mental and physical health.

Refusing to accept defeat, Krystle embarked on a quest for healing, exploring numerous personal development avenues. Her transformative moment came in 2016 when she met Anandi Sano. A single session illuminated the path to recovery, showcasing the remarkable efficacy of the Sano Method of Peiec in healing her chronic back pain and lifting her from the depths of her ailments.

Today, Krystle stands as a beacon of hope and an integral part of the Peiec  community. As Anandi Sano’s closest confidant and a key figure at the Sano Academy, she dedicates her life to teaching, speaking, and spreading the transformative power of the Sano Method. Her role extends beyond professional boundaries, embracing a heartfelt commitment to empowering individuals facing physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

Krystle’s expertise is rooted in her diverse background in business management, HR, and her specialized knowledge in parenting, autism, ADHD, and chronic issues related to hypermobility. This unique blend of experiences empowers her to offer effective, compassionate support, guiding individuals towards unlocking their potential and achieving holistic wellness.

With a vibrant personality, a love for chocolate, and a dedication to motherhood, Krystle’s presence uplifts and inspires. Her unwavering dedication to the Sano Method and her role as an Instructor and  mentor reflect her deep commitment to fostering growth, self-discovery, and positive transformation. Krystle Lavorgna embodies the essence of the Sano Method, championing a journey of healing, empowerment, and authentic living for all.

Krystle has seen a significant recovery  from:


Chronic Body Pain
Shin Splints
Carpal Tunnel
Severe depression & Anxiety
Obsessive Compulsive disorder
Chronic Candida spanning 10+ years
Sexual Trauma, Birth Trauma
Feelings of Less than and unworthiness
Learning difficulties
Persistent reoccurring colds and chest infections
Ear infections
Jaw clenching/ teeth issues from grinding teeth
Hypermobility issues in hands, wrists, feet, knees
Thyroid Issues

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Krystle is available via zoom for personalized transformation session packages tailored to your individual needs. To find out more please email with the subject line “Work with Krystle” and a few paragraphs as to what you are searching for.

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