What is Peiec?

In the vast, mysterious dance of life, each of us is entwined with energetic layers that resonate with the very essence of who we are. These layers are our silent companions, harmoniously undulating when we are joyful and calm, yet becoming a turbulent sea when we are engulfed by pain, overwhelm, racing thoughts, anxiety, low moods, and anger.



Explore the Journey of peiec® Energy Healing: A Comprehensive System for Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation.

This video offers a glimpse into the underlying principles of peiec, its impact on the energetic layers.

What is peiec?

Peiec® Energy Healing is not merely a method or a system of over 50 unique techniques; it is an odyssey into the unseen dimensions of self. It addresses the core of our struggles, addressing not only the symptoms but the underlying causes of illness, pain, anxiety, overwhelm, PTSD, and unrest within our nervous system.

The Energetic Layers and Life Moments

Peiec uncovers and works with what are known as “life moments.” These are energetic components, memories, or incidents that reside within the different energetic layers surrounding us. When in harmony, these layers are a serene ocean; when disturbed by life’s challenges, they churn like stormy waves, causing unrest in our body and mind.

Life moments can be activated by words, thoughts, actions, or incidents, binding together to form attachments with similar energetic memories. These connected moments send messages to the brain, activating the nervous system and igniting a chain reaction of emotions and physical responses.

Discover the Power of peiec® Healing

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Healing with peiec

But what if these life moments could be calmed, dissolved, and released energetically? Peiec Energy Healing does precisely that. Through the profound understanding and application of energetic principles, peiec enables the individual to breathe, smile, and interact with life anew.

Beyond a mere therapeutic technique, peiec addresses the foundational aspects of your being. Whether for yourself or your clients, within health and wellness programs, peiec delves deeply into the body, mind, and spirit. It’s about living life in an open way, enjoying your surroundings, other people, and finding peace and calmness within.


What Clients Say 

Good morning, just wanted to give you an update. About 5/6 years ago (from memory) I was diagnosed with 80% hearing loss in my right ear. I coped but really struggled at times when someone spoke softly. I started to hear things louder in the first day of the course…in fact little things were impacting and distracting me ( noises from the kitchen and noises from outside). I didn’t actually work it out until late last night that I think that I may have regained some of my hearing. I have also had vertigo for the last six weeks. I have been able to function but was really dizzy when laid down or sat up. I think (fingers crossed) my vertigo has gone too.


Your teachings has become my greatest parenting tool.

Each step I’ve taken forward for myself has created powerful change in my children.

The past 12 months both of my kids have become more empowered and confident, and more able to stand up for themselves in the face of great adversity.

They have both experienced huge changes in school work and their ability. Dyslexia plagued my learning through schooling and Ethan particularly experienced these difficulties. I have experienced huge improvement with dyslexia, sensory overwhelm, and audio processing issues. This has also flows to both kids who have also had massive improvements in the same areas.

Healing flows from parents to kids in the most profound and powerful ways.


“I was almost crippled by fear driving on wet roads and the stronger the rain the worse it got. This came from an accident about 7 years ago where I aquaplaned on a wet road and crashed into a huge boulder. Every time the road was wet I’d break into cold sweats, cry, pull over and not drive more than 70 km (far from ideal driving behaviour on a wet road) which is a far cry from what I am normally like on the roads, confident.
Then last winter I noticed that I was no longer reacting that, all of a sudden I was back to my usual cautious (as you do) but confident driving on wet roads, rain or no rain.
I know that I lost control of my car, skidded this way then that and ended up in a huge broad slide hard against a massive rock but all of a sudden it’s just a memory.
It no longer triggers fear, nervousness, anxiety, and panic in me. I can speak about it and I am not affected where I used to not even mention it as it used to play through my head while driving again and again like a movie bringing all the emotions and fear with. Poof…..gone….like magic!


Beyond the Layers: A Comprehensive System

In the world of healing and personal transformation, peiec® Energy Healing stands as a unique beacon, illuminating a pathway that transcends the boundaries of traditional practices. While the energetic layers provide a foundational understanding of this system, peiec reaches far beyond.

Mind and Emotional Healing

Through peiec, the mind is guided into a place of stillness and clarity, where confusion gives way to insight and understanding. Emotional healing flows naturally from this place, as past traumas, anxieties, and pain are acknowledged and released. The transformative power of peiec brings a newfound sense of self-awareness, compassion, and inner strength.

Energetic Alignment for the Body

Peiec’s techniques are profound and gentle, working harmoniously on or off, within and with the body and it’s energetic layered system. The alignment of energy, mind, and physical form creates a ripple effect, touching the body and emotions, thoughts, and spirit. This union initiates a natural healing process, recalibrating the entire being to a state of equilibrium.

Techniques for Spiritual Connection and Growth

At its core, peiec encourages a deep connection to the self and the universal energy that binds all existence. Techniques that foster spiritual growth and awareness are integral to the practice, allowing for a reconnection with one’s true essence and purpose. This spiritual alignment creates a doorway to profound wisdom, joy, and love.

Professional Applications and Health Programs

Peiec is not just a practice for individual self-discovery and healing; it also offers robust applications for professionals in health, wellness, and therapeutic fields. Its comprehensive system can be tailored to fit various client needs, providing transformative experiences that resonate at all levels of being. Additionally, peiec’s methods integrate seamlessly into broader health and wellness programs, offering a holistic approach that enhances overall well-being.

A Living System, Constantly Evolving

Peiec is not static or confined to a set of rigid principles; it’s a living, breathing system that evolves with those who practice it. Its adaptability and responsiveness to the unique needs of each individual make it a tool of limitless potential and continuous growth.

A Journey of Transformation

With peiec, you embark on a journey that transforms not only the energetic layers but the person’s entire existence. It’s a path to gentleness with yourself and others, a path to healing that is both gentle and effective. This is the essence of peiec® Energy Healing, a unique and pioneering method that invites you and others to dance with destiny, becoming the maestro of our own lives.

This is not just healing; it is an invitation to a profound, mesmerizing experience that reaches into the very core of our being, unlocking healing potentials, soothing wounds, and guiding us all to a place of peace and presence.


What Clients Say 

Where do I start…. The surgical transplant team is just blown away by how my husband is. He is doing so well and does not have to go on dialysis straight up. They have never had anyone come out at 100%. It can normally take a while to wake a transplanted kidney up, sometimes up to 6 months. He is fully functioning!

My husband is a changed man; he is so different. So happy and looking forward to life. I really cannot express my gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you. Mega blessings.


Today marks 6 months antidepressant Medication free!  and not just that, I have had ZERO panic attacks and ZERO “low” days during this time. This is a huge milestone for me, as it’s the longest period I have been medication free in my ENTIRE adult life. (I’m 33 years old)
I have struggled with severe anxiety and bouts of depression since I was in my late teens, and then postnatal depression after having my daughter 2 years ago.  Thank you Anandi and peiec healing for literally turning my life around.


After suffering with the challenges of Encopresis for over 5 years, what a significant difference in how your healing method has worked compared to conventional medicine.

Years of suffering and embarrassing experiences have completely disappeared.

With no longer having the fear of leaving the house and having an accident or living with the symptoms of constant constipation and diarrhea, it has also changed my confidence and anxiety levels.

Thank you for not just the knowledge gained during the training but for the constant and amazing shifts received.