5-Day Live Intensive
This is standalone Program or attend as part of your Peiec Certification Program

In-person or Livestream

Elevate Your Expertise
Participants consistently rave about the transformative impact of our 5-Day Intensive. This is your chance to deepen your mastery of peiec® Energy Healing, form lifelong connections, experience profound personal healing, and significantly transform your life.
Every participant in the peiec® Healing 5-Day Intensive leaves fully equipped and confident in their skills to:

Facilitate Healing for themselves
Facilitate healing in others, including animals and the land
Learn to work on, off and through the body and doing remote healing
Sense and understand the energy of blockages within and around the body
 Experience Personal Healing with peiec® 
 At our peiec® Healing Intensives, Sandra J and her dedicated team ensure that you receive profound personal healing. Over the course of 5 days, you'll undergo multiple peiec® healing sessions tailored to your unique needs. We monitor your progress by assessing both your physical and energetic state at the start and end of the intensive, with participants typically observing:

  • A sense of deep well-being and inner stillness
  • Increased energy levels
  • Alleviation of symptoms
You'll be astonished at how quickly you can effect lasting changes in both your clients' lives and your own over the course over 5 days  
Contemporary research shows that there is an invisible field of energy that creates matter. It makes sense that if you can change the dynamics of the energy, move it and assist it, you could change matter. You could change your body, mind, consciousness and reality. This is the principle upon which countless people in our community have healed themselves and others.
 Discover Your Community 
 The peiec® Healing 5-Day Intensive is more than a learning experience; it's a transformational journey.
Here’s what participants often share:

Before the Intensive:
“I'm anxious and unsure if I can manage this. It's all so new to me.”

After the Intensive:
“The change is remarkable. I feel empowered and capable of helping myself and others heal. I've found my tribe and truly belong.”

This intensive offers far more than skill development; it’s about making lifelong connections, healing personally, and discovering a greater purpose.  
 An Unmatched Hands-On Learning Experience 
 The peiec® Healing Intensives are integral to our certification program, designed for immersive, hands-on learning, we have however, also made it available as a standalone option.

Held multiple times a year globally, each session runs for 5 days. For those unable to attend in person, we offer live, real-time virtual participation.

Discover how to facilitate profound healing using the comprehensive and unique methods developed in peiec® Energy Healing, which draws on deep energetic understanding and not taken from any other methods on the planet. 
"Peiec energy medicine has changed my life, and allows my daughter to live a beautiful life after suffering with an "incurable disease".   She is living such a different life, with so much freedom.

The gratitude I have for Peiec is insurmountable.  We wouldn't be enjoying life as we do without it."
Jennifer Cumins
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Upcoming Intensives
 Perth - Australia
Bendat Centre Auditorium
36 Dodd Street , Wembley, WA, Australi or LIVESTREAM
For Men & Women & Children 14 +
Limited Places
1st -5th, October2024
8.30 AM AWST
16.30 PM 

When you sign up you will be given access to Modules 1-3 which must be learned and practiced before attending in order to immerse yourself fully in the 5 Days. You will delve deeper into these techniques and Module 4 in-person. The earlier you secure your place the longer you will have access to the online coursework. Please allow 6-8 weeks of learning to immerse yourself in the content 
Please email us at info@peiecinternational.com for payment plan options
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5-Day peiec® Healing Intensive Overview
Join our transformative peiec® Healing Intensive to deepen your understanding and practice across diverse techniques. This will empower you to apply peiec® Energy Healing in a variety of settings, enhancing your adaptability and effectiveness as a healer. Here’s what you’ll experience:
Comprehensive Learning and Practice
Engage deeply with around 20 peiec® techniques, practicing on yourself and others to master the healing process. Learn to work as a group to heal an individual and enhance your individual skills.
Community and Connection

Immerse yourself in our supportive community, creating lifelong bonds and learning from shared experiences.
Personal and Professional Growth
Develop confidence in your abilities to heal and assist others, with continuous evaluations to track progress in body responses, energy levels, and symptom relief.
Deep Dive into Techniques
Explore various peiec® techniques, understand the interconnections of body and energy, and apply these in practical settings.
Empowerment Through Knowledge
Equip yourself with the skills to conduct sessions for diverse needs, including individual and group settings, enhancing both your personal and professional healing capacities.
Holistic Integration and Application
Dive into an integrative experience that combines learning with practical application. Throughout the 5-day intensive, you'll not only learn the individual techniques but also how to seamlessly integrate them into a holistic healing session.

The Curriculum

Here you will learn how peiec distinguishes itself from other energy healing and bodywork practices. Learn about eh unique approach that paces the way for a new generation of skilled practitioners. Recognize how to facilitate accelerated healing with long lasting results.

This section helps you comprehend how you perceive, feel, and interact with the world and energy around you. Everyone's experience is unique, and you'll learn to identify the reasons behind recurring patterns or cycles in your life. Additionally, you'll gain insights into how your personal experiences can differ significantly from others.

In this module, you will explore why peiec is a crucial practice not just for professional use but for personal health and wellness too. It emphasizes the significance of applying peiec techniques to your own life as a way to foster personal growth and self-awareness. This self-application is vital for maintaining your own balance and well-being, which in turn enhances your ability to assist others effectively.

In this module, you'll learn how peiec healing can be applied to address and heal issues that span multiple generations. Explore the concept of intergenerational energy flow and how it influences our lives today. You will understand the importance of recognizing and addressing these energetic connections within families to promote healing not only for yourself but also for past and future generations. This knowledge equips you to make impactful changes that can benefit entire family lines.

In this module, delve into the core teachings of peiec energy healing, which are designed to offer essential insights and articulate the methodologies and principles that are believed to originate from a higher source. These foundational teachings are vital for anyone seeking meaningful and lasting transformation, as well as accelerated healing. The module serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and applying these principles effectively in your healing practice.

This module focuses on understanding your unique identity and capabilities as a healer. It explores the importance of recognizing your innate strengths and sharing your unique gifts with the world. You'll learn how our thoughts, words, and actions, as well as those of others, significantly influence our personal and professional lives. Embracing the truth of who you are enables you to build confidence in your abilities and thrive in a business helping others.

In this module, you will learn the core principles of peiec energy healing. Explore and understand your own unique energy flow and the sensations you experience from the energy surrounding you in everyday life. This foundational knowledge is crucial for effectively applying peiec techniques, both personally and professionally, as you navigate through various energy fields daily.

This module delves into how energy blockages and significant life moments shape our reality. You will learn about the underlying causes of various conditions such as pain, illness, disease, and anxiety, and how peiec energy healing can be used to address these issues. The focus is on identifying and resolving these energy blockages to improve health and well-being effectively.

In this module, you will learn the effective peiec technique to amplify your energy and enhance your connection, intuition, and awareness. This technique is used as the foundation of every other technique, enabling you to gain deeper insights into the energy flowing within and around you, enabling the body's natural healing abilities to activate and the life force energy to flow more effectively.

This module focuses on the significant role that thoughts and words play within the healing process. You will explore how positive thinking and mindful communication can profoundly influence recovery and wellness.

Understand the rapid and lasting changes that lead to long-term results with peiec healing. How to create transformation in both personal and professional healing contexts.

Learn how to extend the application of peiec energy healing techniques to animals, properties, and the land. Discover the simple method for adapting these techniques to non-human subjects, enhancing the well-being and balance of the environments and animals around you. This session provides the skills necessary to broaden your healing practice, offering holistic and versatile healing options across different contexts.

In this module, learn how to effectively transition life force energy from a constricted state to a state of openness and receptivity to healing. This technique rapidly facilitates this transformation, enhancing the acceptance of the natural healing process. This session aims to provide you with the skills necessary to foster a more vibrant and receptive energy state, crucial for deep and effective healing.

This technique is done at the beginning and end of a transformation session. Learn how to find the connection points on the sides of the head that act as a gateway to shift your client into a rapid state of relaxation and open the channel to life-force energy to flow through them, preparing their body, mind and emotions to receive.

In this module, you will learn how to maintain a state of pure connection and flow, and how to effectively bring your client into this healing zone. The focus is on amplifying the connection and enhancing the vital life force energy between you as the healer and your client, which is necessary for effective healing and more impactful healing outcomes.

In this module, you will learn to intuitively search for and identify blockages within two specific points across the body, such as the hips. Learn the peiec brushing technique to detect trapped muscles and other dense blockages that may be inhibiting energy flow within the body across two points.

In this Module, you will learn the healing zone within your hands as you apply the hand crossover to the body and energy field. This healing zone within the crossover point of the hands enables you to pinpoint certain energy blockages and gently release them without causing any pain or discomfort to the body.

Learn the peiec technique to rebalance and connect the left and right sides of the body, establishing coherence between them. This training focuses on ensuring that both sides of the body and brain function harmoniously, preventing dominance of one side over the other. By achieving this balance, the body can operate as one cohesive unit, enhancing overall functionality and well-being. This session provides practical skills to facilitate more balanced energy distribution and improved physiological coordination.

This module teaches you how to establish a gentle, cohesive flow between the mind and the body, ensuring balance and mental coherence at the end of a session. This technique is especially beneficial for individuals who often feel disconnected from their bodies. You will learn how to integrate mental and physical processes, fostering a beautiful cohesiveness that enhances overall well-being and grounding in daily life.

In this module, you will explore a comprehensive seven-part series focused on identifying the triggers and "life moments" that carry energetic charges affecting our daily lives. These charges are pivotal in influencing our emotional, physical, and mental well-being. You will learn to pinpoint these energetic charges and gently release them, facilitating an accelerated shift towards wholeness and enhanced life force energy. This process is the key to accelerating the healing process throughout the body, offering a rapid pathway to greater health and vitality. .

This module focuses on teaching you a simple yet effective technique to rapidly shift and ‘cleanse’ your own energy after working with clients. You will learn how to release any energetic blockages that may have been triggered during the healing process, whether by words, thoughts, or other interactions. This skill is essential for maintaining your own well-being and ensuring that you can continue to provide effective healing without carrying over any residual energy from sessions.

In this module, you will delve into the concept of energetic connections and flows between individuals and how constrictions in this flow can negatively impact our lives. You'll learn a simply peiec technique to identify and gently manipulate this energy flow and constrictions between two people, establishing an energetic boundary between two people.

In this module, you will learn techniques to elevate the life force energy that restricts vitality within both yourself and your clients. This powerful approach enables you to manipulate and increase energy levels from a lower, stagnating vibration that hampers the healing process. By gently raising these energies to a higher vibrational field, the body can process and heal more quickly, facilitating accelerated healing and transformation.

In this module, we build on the hand crossover technique introduced in Module 18, focusing on amplifying its effectiveness. You will learn how to strengthen the connection between your hands, creating a more potent healing zone. This enhancement allows for a more focused and precise approach to healing, targeting specific areas with increased accuracy and impact.

Learn how to increase and shift the life force energy flow from the base of the body upwards. Learn how to perform this technique both physically on the body and energetically, making it adaptable for both in-person and online sessions. Starting from the feet, you will be guided on how to gently flow life force energy throughout the body, identifying and clearing energy blockages that hinder and restrict the free flow of life force energy throughout the body.

In this module, you will learn the Dynamic Body Flow technique, designed to locate and address energy blockages with precise accuracy. Using a gentle and soothing approach, you will be instructed to use gentle movement from one hand, while the other hand is intuitively guided to various points throughout the body. This method has been proven to address years of constriction and tightness within the muscles, joints and ligaments, promoting relaxation and improved mobility.

This module introduces the Energy Amplification Technique, designed to enhance the energetic connection and intensify the flow of energy to specific areas of the body requiring targeted healing. By focusing energy precisely where it is most needed, this technique supercharges the healing process, effectively addressing localized issues and promoting faster recovery in particular areas or body parts.

In this module, explore the Peiec Embrace Technique, a gentle method designed for giving and receiving healing through a nurturing embrace. This technique is particularly effective in transforming individuals from a state of grief or overwhelm into calmness, quickly rebalancing their nervous system. Suitable for use with children, animals, and adults, the Peiec Embrace ensures a transition to a renewed state of being where anxiety dissolves, leaving an individual feeling whole and serene.

This module delves into various elements that enhance life force energy, addressing key aspects such as environment, diet, and physical activity. You'll explore how these factors can significantly impact your energy levels and potentially create restrictions or blockages. Learning to optimize these areas of your life will help you maintain a clearer, more vibrant energy flow, promoting overall health and well-being.

This module focuses on the importance of properly concluding a healing session, ensuring that clients are left in a balanced and coherent state. This approach emphasizes effective client care and the critical steps to take as you wrap up a session to maintain the integrity of the healing process.

Learn 20+ different techniques and sequences which can be used to heal yourself and others, including animals. You can implement these straightaway on yourself, with your family and/or clients
Self-paced Video lessons, PDFs and support for your Peiec Healing Learning - Learn before you attend in-person or Livestream. For students choosing the stand alone program access to the Virtual Academy ceases 30 days after the Intensive
Join our incredible healing community with like minded students
The healings and growth in consciousness that we have witnessed have been nothing short of miraculous. By diving deep into the principles and how this process is possible along with the proper instruction, our community has produced profound physical, psychological and spiritual changes in themselves and multitudes of individuals around the world. We have also observed hundreds of healings from a wide variety of health conditions that were not previously responding to any type of treatments.
Spontaneous Healing of Crohn's
Cassie had been hospitalized
Daughter is off all medication for Mastocytosis
Vet could not detect heart murmur in cat anymore
Neck and Shoulder Injury
Fay had decreased vision out of one of her eyes and had pressure
 Suffering with the challenges of Encopresis for over 5 years
Chronic Pain from Back Issues
Spontaneous disappearance of rash and no depression and anxiety
Amanda had not been able to walk properly since having surgery
Louise was struggling to breathe due to Covid 19
No need for crutches for balance for MS
Peiec helped Elaine change her entire life
Andrea's whole life has changed
Shifting of body pain, anxiety, overwhelm, eating disorder
From Mental health issues to Inner peace
Maureen talks about her online experience
Diana talks about her online experience
Heidi talks about her online experience
Michelle has done a lot of modalities and has been blown away by the depth of peiec

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